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Mia Goth joined boyfriend and Shia LeBeouf tonight at the closing night European Premiere Gala for ‘ Cheap 2Mg Xanax Online Fury‘ during the 58th BFI London Film Festival at Odeon Leicester Square in London, England ..

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Mia Goth was dressed by Vuitton for their show at Paris Fashion Week 2013. We have added some photos of her to the gallery, she sat front row with Odeya Rush and Selena Gomez.


We have added x375 screencaps from  Nymphonaniac featuring Mia to the gallery …

The Survivalist

A forest near the Co Antrim town is the location for a terrifying new post-Apocalyptic film set in Northern Ireland. Maureen Coleman joins stars Martin McCann and Mia Goth as they shoot the final scenes.

The ruthlessness of survival in a post-apocalyptic world is the main theme of a new thriller shooting in Northern Ireland. Written and directed by Enniskillen-based 2013 Screen Star of Tomorrow Stephen Fingleton, The Survivalist is a story of one man living alone on a farm in a time of starvation.

His isolation is shattered with the arrival of two visitors, a mother and her teenage daughter, desperate for food. When the mother offers up her daughter, an uneasy arrangement ensues. The farm then comes under attack from outsiders, forcing the trio to work together to survive, developing loyalties which will be tested when food runs short.

The dystopian movie stars Belfast actor Martin McCann (The Pacific, Closing The Ring, Killing Bono) in the title role, with up-and-coming actress Mia Goth, girlfriend of Hollywood hellraiser Shia LaBeouf, playing his love interest, Milja. Award-winning stage actress Olwen Fouere plays her mother, Kathryn.

Filming of The Survivalist began early last month and was expected to wrap this week, with most of the scenes shot in a forest outside Ballymoney.

McCann’s character, whose name is never revealed, has set up home in a makeshift cabin in the heart of the woods. He grows food on a small farm – protecting his land from thieves and foragers with man traps and a shotgun. The long years of living alone have taken a toll on him and he starts to lose his grip on reality. As his feelings for Milja grow, her mother schemes to take control of the farm.

It’s a hugely different role from any 30-year-old McCann has taken on before. First of all, there are the sex scenes, which McCann has never tackled in the past, but says are almost obligatory for an actor. And he had to change his appearance as well, consulting the same nutritionist Michael Fassbender turned to for help when shedding several stone to play Bobby Sands in Hunger. McCann’s weight loss was not as dramatic, but he had to look convincing as a man living off the fruits of the land.

The IFTA-winning actor first came to the attention of writer and director Fingleton when he was cast to play a forager in a short pilot called Magpie, which acted as a precursor to The Survivalist. Fingleton was impressed with McCann’s performance and invited him back to play the title role in his first feature film.


Writer/director Stephen Fingleton, a 2013 Screen International Star of Tomorrow, has started principal photography on his debut feature, dystopian thriller The Survivalist.

The shoot for the Fyzz Facility production started on June 9.

Martin McCann, Olwen Fouere and Barry Ward star alongside a 2014 Screen Star of Tomorrow, Mia Goth.

Fingleton developed the script through Northern Ireland Screen’s New Talent Focus scheme. The hot property appeared on the 2012 US Black List and topped the 2013 Brit List of unproduced screenplays.

The story is set in a world where the grid has gone down and humanity is starving. A loner in a forest meets a woman and her teenage daughter, who must work together to survive.

Producers of The Survivalist are Wayne Marc Godfrey, Robert Jones and David Gilbery.

The Fyzz Facility earlier this year produced the shortMagpie as an “introduction to the world of The Survivalist.” That short, supported by Northern Ireland Screen and the BFI, can be viewed here:


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The London Evening Standard posted this article (mostly focusing on Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams) but with a little pic of Mia as “one of the stars of tomorrow!” …

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The Fyzz Facility announced that Mia with star in Magpie a new short by writer/director Stephen Fingleton which is due to filmed this February in Northern Ireland. Written as a pre-cursor to The Survivalist, Fingleton’s feature scheduled to shoot later this year, Magpie is an introduction to his harsh, post-apocalyptic world as well as a selection of the characters that inhabit The Survivalist.

Funded by the BFI, Northern Ireland Screen and The Fyzz Facility. Magpie has fantastic cast attached including Olivia Williams (Anna Karenina), Mia Goth (Nymphomaniac) and Martin McCann (Clash of the Titans)

News Headlines Nymphomaniac

Adult Joe (Charlotte Gainsbourg), beaten and unconscious, is found in a snow-covered alley by Seligman (Stellan Skarsgård), an unassuming fellow with a gentle demeanor who takes her to his apartment. In his austere dwelling she recounts her adventures as a young nymphomaniac in a series of stories, each preceded by director Lars von Trier’s requisite thematic chapter headings and cinematic asides. Young Joe’s (Stacy Martin) exploits, from her debut sexual experience with Jerome (Shia LaBeouf), through her adventures on a train, to her very dramatic experience with a married man, his kids, and his wife (played by Uma Thurman in what might be the best 10 minutes of her career), are all captured in detail — including visual detail — which has been the talk of cinema.

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Mia Goth is featured in ID Magazine and we have added x8 lovely HQ photos to the gallery. Mia took on the role as P in the drama-mystery Nymphomaniac. The 19-year-old actress skipped a shirt for the sultry Angelo Pennetta-shot spread while chatting about everything from getting into character for the film to her future. (Read More) On Nymphomaniac:
“My character had never known love, so she mistakes everything for sexual love. I was very deep into the character, so the sex scenes came very naturally to me. I knew I had to give myself to it, but I’m a rookie – I’d never done this before. I decided to be P. Any situation I was in, I’d imagine what would P do. Throughout the whole of ‘Nymphomaniac,’ and even now, P never died. I became her.” On her life growing up:
“I didn’t have a typical upbringing. I had a very full childhood. It means I feel a lot. I see myself as a professional feeler. My first memories are of Brazil. There’s so much music there. It’s one of my favorite places in the world.”

Buy Valium Western Union On her future self:
“I want to be a woman who has a little more figured out, who doesn’t have so many doubts. And then I would like to have a whole list of directors I have worked with – Woody Allen, Paul Thomas Anderson. I just want to act. And I want to be good. And I want to be happy, and I think that’s it.”




We have added x2 HQ stills from Nymphomaniac (in cinemas March 14)