The latest teaser trailer for Lars von Trier’s already much anticipated http://monitors-uk.com/amazon/search/ASUS MG24UQ/US Nymphomaniac was briefly removed from Youtube earlier today, after apparently falling foul of the site’s rules on nudity and sexual content.

The 57-second clip is the fifth such “appetizer” to be released on the film’s official Youtube channel, and is apparently from Nymphomaniac’s fifth “chapter”, Little Organ School. (Previous chapter titles have been revealed as The Compleat Angler, Jerôme, Mrs. H and Delirium.)

The sequences that have appeared to have triggered the Youtube shutdown include a sex scene involving Shia LaBeouf and Stacy Martin (who plays the younger version of Charlotte Gainsbourg’s central character, Joe), as well as scenes with Martin and an older man.

The split-screen clip also features more mysterious elements: Bach’s chorale prelude for organ (the same piece repeatedly used in Andrei Tarkovski’s Solaris), a leopard holding a smaller animal in its jaws, and a naked man walking against an Eadweard Muybridge-style backdrop.

The clip was later restored to Youtube, with a warning block.

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We have posted some gorgeous stills from an old 2011 shoot with Charlotte Hadden “LW01” …


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Finally Lars has released a poster for Nymphomaniac 14 of them… and, well, they’re certainly worth the wait. All 14 posters show some of Hollywood’s most respected actors up close and personal, wearing no clothing and, in an obvious nod to the film’s subject matter – making O-faces!

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We have added x127 screencaps from Mia’s stunning photoshoot video with Italian Vogue. Photographs by Catlin Cronenberg . You can also watch the video here and find the magazine scans here.


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We have added some great scans from Wonderland Magazine’s October 2013 Issue, photographed by Ben Rayner. Check out the pics in our galleries…


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We have added x23 screencaps from Mia’s fashion Short “The Next Muse”, check out the ultra cool yet wacky and weird stills in the gallery …


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Shia and Mia went Ice Cream shopping yesterday, we added some candids below…


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Only for a Lars von Trier film… While the Cannes Film Festival is now underway, Lars von Trier’s latest Nymphomaniac wasn’t ready in time to play, but that doesn’t mean they can’t steal some thunder. Our friends at The Film Stage have learned that Nymphomaniac has been scheduled for a release in December in Denmark (it doesn’t have a US distributor yet), confirming they’re still finishing the film despite rumors it would be released the end of this month. In addition, they found the film’s website which contains a rather epic/glorious promo photo of the entire cast, and von Trier (with his mouth duct-taped), standing in lewd poses – all with their clothes on.

Originally, Lars von Trier was planning to split this Nymphomaniac epic sexual adventure into twofilms, shooting a “softer and more explicit version of each.” French-English actress Charlotte Gainsbourg, who appeared explicitly in von Trier’s Antichrist a few years ago, will play Joe, as the story is about her “hidden erotic desires” and spans her life story from a young age to age 50. Beyond Gainsbourg, the cast includes Stellan Skarsgard, likely Willem Dafoe, Jamie Bell and Uma Thurman in there, and Shia LaBeouf, too. Shooting finished last year, and Lars von Trier is currently editing and finalizing the film. Nymphomaniac will likely premiere at the fall festivals (Venice & Toronto) before opening in Denmark on December 25th.

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Hi All!

I decided to open a fansite for Mia, she is starring in the upcoming Lars von Trier film Nymphomaniac. I have a feeling she is really going to shoot into the spotlight and I thought we could follow your journey along the way. If you can contribute anything please email it in! Enjoy.

Thanks x

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After weeks of speculation over their relationship status, it seems that Shia LaBeouf and British actress Mia Goth are official.

The pair were spotted in a sweet embrace whilst enjoying a day out in LA on Saturday. Clearly at ease with each other, Mia sat back and relaxed in her Hollywood beau’s arms.